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Summer 2018 – Our very own Tipping Point team member Peter purchased half of a ´Sacred Forest´ in the Philippines (50ha). The ambition to invest differently, thus with no selfish returns but a collective value return expressed in nature and culture, led him to a crowdfunding project of the Tribes and Nature Defenders, a foundation led by the local indigenous tribe.

The ´Sacred Forest´ is located on Mindanao, the Southern island of the Philippines. The Higaonon tribal people have been living in the area since time immemorial. The tribal council decided that the Tribes and Nature Defenders has to buy the forest since it is threatened with destruction. Investors want to buy the land for it is rich in gold, copper and other minerals. Other business opportunities are logging, real estate and coconut plantations. Sadly, some ´tribal dealers´ are willing to negotiate with the companies and to give up their sacred land.

Let us not just replant trees and restore ecosystems. We also want to protect the remaining forests. On the 21st of June we will organize the event Forest Heroes in collaboration with Heroes & Friends. We will show our documentary about this project and there is opportunities to co-invest and save the other 50ha of the ‘Sacred Forest’. Will you join us?

Read more about this project here.

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