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The Tipping Point is involved in a campaign to support the Maasai in the current incredibly tough times, climate change related, they are suffering. The campaign is run together with Maasai Elder Ezekiel Ole Katato, the Maasai people, Heroes & Friends and a team of other great people.

The Maasai of East Africa are iconic because of their strong and popular culture. Majority of the Maasai live in Kajiado County, south of Nairobi in Kenya. The Maasai depend on livestock – cattle, sheep, and goats – as their only source of income, but a devastating drought is threatening to wipe them off. Their land is now bare and many cows have died because of hunger and lack of water. The remaining cows are too weak to stand or walk on their own. Children have dropped out of school to help take care of the dying cows. Every day, people look up to the skies in anticipation and hope – hope that the skies will open up and bring the much-needed rain, but so far none is forthcoming.

Urgent action is required and will help save lives and restore hope. Please support the campaign through this link.

Although the initial focus is on surviving the crisis, we are also involved in a long-term project of the Maasai that will create a more sustainable future for the people, their land and culture.

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