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Forget Growth, Think Doughnut!

On January 8, 2018 The Tipping Point platform Ondernemers van Nu organized a thought provoking event about the transformation of our economy.

A packed DeliteLabs went in a conversation with Kate Raworth – author of Doughnut Economics – and Willem Ferwerda – #1 sustainability leader in The Netherlands – on how to do business in the doughnut economy.

Instead of economies that need to grow, whether or not they make us thrive, we need economies that “make us thrive, whether or not they grow”. This means changing our picture of what the economy is and how it works. Kate Raworth’s ground breaking theory introduces a new framework and inspires the rethinking of our economy at large.

Willem Ferwerda’s work with Commonland illustrates this system approach beautifully. Building on the insights and best practices from ‘Doughnut Economics’ and Commonland’s 4 returns model, we’ll explore and reflect on the question: What is the role and attitude of (SME) business if we strive for human prosperity within a thriving living world.

The event was (w)rapped up by ‘De Droominee’, alias Rik Zutphen:

Ondernemers van Nu (part of The Tipping Point Foundation) and Heroes & Friends invited entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial minds to attend this thought provoking event.

Moderated by Ama Van Dantzig. Powered by Interface, Triodos Foundation, De Gooische Mij., Frisse Blikken, BMWi

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